On Bucket lists…


This is what my bucket list used to look like a couple of years back… Even though I am as passionate about this list today as I was at the time, I guess this list will look exactly the same a few years later if maintained this way. The point I am trying to make here is – bucket lists are the achievements one wants to make during one’s lifetime! These are not random wishes which we have given up on. Bucket lists are achievable, definitive goals which keep us going!

We need to know precisely what we want to do/ accomplish in life at a personal level, phrase it in clear terms and if possible put a deadline to it. 

Here’s what I mean:

WORLD TOUR: well.. everyone wants to do a world tour. What could be a more exciting thought than seeing the beauty of our entire planet!! But let’s face it. It’s clearly and practically not possible to cover the entire world unless you are a travel show host or the like by profession. Even the official world tours take over two months, which still do not cover all the amazingly serene locations on this planet. If the first item on a bucket list reads just 2 words – “World Tour”, it’s VERY discouraging coz it only hints at the need for a loooong leave, which is impossible to get unless you either have a fabulous boss who’s willing to let you go at will just like that or you’re terribly lousy at work and ppl won’t miss not having you around for 2/3 months at a stretch 😛

 Therefore… the solution to this being – identify the key countries/ places u want to visit and jot them down as a detailed sub-list. 

For example: I shortlisted 3 countries I HAVE TO go to and my revised depiction of the item “World Tour” now looks like this:

  1. Visit the US –
    • New year’s eve at Times Square New York
    • Visit family in Los Angeles, drive across the mountains and valleys in LA, see Hollywood!
    • See the Golden Gate Bridge and more family in San Francisco
    • Scream my heart out at Universal Studios & Disney Land!
    • Hear the sound of the gushing waters at the Niagra Falls
    • Stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon and feel on top of the world (literally speaking)!
    • Win a LOT of money (and maybe loose some) in Las Vegas!
  2. Europe Tour –
    • Get on the topmost peak of the Alps!
    • Re-live a chapter in History in Rome
    • Shop in Florence and Venice!
    • See a Rafa match at the French Open LIVE! (This will also take care of another item on the list)
    • See Switzerland, Amsterdam, Scotland!
    • Milan! Paris! The fashion places
    • Speak in French with a Frenchmen in France 🙂
    • Take a tour of the BMW, Porsche and Maybach manufacturing plants in Germany!!!
  3. South Africa Tour –
    • Cape of Good Hope – the place where earth ends!
    • Spot and shoot every single animal (with a camera, of course!) in All the fascinating wild life sanctuaries in this intriguing country (especially the Kruger National Park)
    • See a cricket match in the Johannesburg Stadium (one of my favorite grounds)!
    • Indulge in the natural beauty of the Garden Route and Wild Coast

Wow, doesn’t it look so much more do-able and fun now? It will need lesser leaves at a stretch and will ensure detailed coverage of the places – the way i like it! (I can barely wait to apply for visa for one of these places!!)




The “Photography” element in the list now looks like this:

  1. Own a DSLR by the mid of 2014
  2. Research on, learn and practice all the advanced features of the camera
  3. Start shooting lots of pictures wherever I go to keep on getting better at it (and for the fun element of course) and decide on an area of photography I want to specialize in within the next 2 years

I am already planning a DSLR next month! The ball has begun to roll, ain’t it? 🙂



Funnily enough, looking at this item I realized I am a decent cook already.. so why should this be on my bucket list at all? What is this item doing here? However, striking this item off somehow didn’t seem right. On some further thinking…i realized, what I really wanted on the list was:

 Learn authentic

  1. Italian – Risottos,  pastas- all sorts! (tomato basil, alfredo, pesto, arabiata), Bruscheta, Jalepeno Cheese Poppers and the like!
  2. Mexican – Bean and Salsa soup, Quesadillas, nachos, tacos, Tamales, enchiladas, tortilla with dips!
  3. Thai cooking – dimsums, Thai curries, thi pad noodles, khao soi, Thai basil and ginger rice and the list goes on 🙂

 Hmm.. time to get on with the task!

 Happy cooking to me and good luck to my family and close friends who will be made to taste my experiments!! 🙂




This is a very vague and broad term.. There are so many adventure sports and I know for a fact I cannot do some of them and I do not want to do some. Therefore, this item now has bullets as follows:

  1. Scuba-diving
  2. Zipping
  3. Flying in a hot air balloon
  4. Paragliding
  5. Biking


As a headway, I have been able to strike off 2 items from the list as I recently went to an adventure park with friends and did zipping and rode an ATV Bike!

 So here’s the thing – the clearer we jot it down, the more detailed and realistic our plans. Isn’t that already a first step towards achieving them?!?!

 So let’s start making our bucket lists today and look forward to achieving them one by one! These are the things that make life worth living! These are the things to look forward to in life or maybe even every day after a stressful day at work!

 For examples of what you could have on your lists, visit http://bucketlist.org/ – a site containing some very interesting items! So Happy Bucket-listing folks! And do let me know any unique/ interesting items that you guys might have on your list coz mine is always open to expansion 😀

6 thoughts on “On Bucket lists…

  1. Nidhi Patwa Deloitte, dude this 1 got me goosebumps….. I would not mind tasting d delicacies u prepare…. Bt as fr d blog loved it #concise #precise #tothepoint

  2. On the world tour thing, i suggest what i suggest most others who plan to take foreign tours.. explore india first!!. there is so much one can hardly cover in a lifetime. Ladakh is a heaven on earth. Do add that to the list.. just writing about it gives me goosebumps from my trip 3 years back
    Photography, invest more on the lenses than the camera model. Get a 50mm prime lens for potraits, or a 55-200mm Zoom lens.
    Cooking – Drool, Drool, Drool
    Adventure Sports – I suggest sky diving. Its there on my list for some time. The thought of a free fall from 20k ft height triumphs over the rush any other adventure sport can possible even come close to.

    • Thanks Kushal!

      India – already exploring! You have heard stories 😉 The reason why i dont have it on my ‘bucket list’ is I see it getting fulfilled without extensive planning. Leh-Ladakh definitely on my ‘short term’ list. Will seek tips from you when i go there!

      Photography – i agree! planning a nikon d3200 with 18-55 and 55-200 lenses, can always top it up with macro and telephoto ones

      Cooking – 🙂

      Adventure Sports – will take a while to push myself to try sky diving.. Simpler things first to gain confidence!

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